Globe Hall Presents - BBQ opens at 5pm


Ages 18+
Globe Hall Presents Helleborus on Saturday, January 4th


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Like the enigmatic & deadly winter flower from which the project takes its name, the ancient Greeks called the Helleborus “the plant of fauns”. Heavily influenced by the Orphic Mysteries, traditional western witchcraft & folklore. The band pushes the exploration of orthodoxy black metal into the uncharted territory of sensual duality with a focus on occult herbalism & sexual mysticism. Following the debut release ‘The Carnal Sabbath’ & the liminal single ‘Prayer Of The Undying’, Helleborus will be releasing their sophomoric work ‘Saprophytic Divinations’. Saprophytic a term given to fungus or plants whom grow or eat from decaying matter. We explore the concept of prophecy or divine communications blooming from the macabre.




Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan St.

Denver, CO, 80216