Velka Kurva
Globe Hall Sunday BBQ Series

Velka Kurva

Globe Hall Sunday BBQ Series Presents: Sliver on Sunday, August 25th

Velka Kurva

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Denver Punk Rock!


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Well, Chris comes up with the idea for songs for this band...But he takes input for the other members and most of them sing and do other stuff as well (like talk shit on stage).

Smiths Grove

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Loud, fast, heavy three piece born and raised in the mile high city on a mission to bring back hard hitting music.

Moving Still

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Punk rock band from Boulder/Denver

Fox Moses

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Brought together by lead guitarist Jason Bonham in December of 2015, Fox Moses is a ragtag gang of rebels with just one cause: playing killer rock 'n roll. With their brand-new lineup featuring Bonham on guitar, former bassist Clayton Nickell providing percussion and lead vocals, and Jason's brother Eric on the bass, Fox Moses are ready to take 2018 and beyond by storm with their loud, raucous, fun, portable and unique sound.

Fiend Club


Denver's Premier Mi$fit$ cover band, available for bars, pubs, stadiums, bat bar mitzvahs, weddings, roasts, birthing rooms, ship launches, ect...

Venue Information:
Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street

Denver, CO, 80216