Vacation Manor x Night Traveler

16 and up
Thursday, November 04
Doors: 7pm

Globe Hall Presents Vacation Manor x Night Traveler on Thursday, November 4

Vacation Manor is a four-piece indie rock band based out of Nashville, TN consisting of Nathan Towles (guitar, vocals), Dane Spearman (bass), Cole Young (drums), and Carson Cody (keys). The band formed in the fall of 2014, while all playing at a musical festival in their hometown, Lynchburg, VA. At the time, Nathan, Cole, and Dane were all playing in different groups. After their initial meeting, Nathan decided to ask Dane, Cole, and ex guitar player Josh Morales, to come play a battle of the bands with Towles in DC. They rehearsed and finished writing Nathan's current songs, and ended up winning the competition. Immediately after their first show together, the guys all felt it was the first of something unique and special, and decided to take the single show and turn it into a career, as Vacation Manor. The group released their debut EP "Girl, Say" in March of 2016 which has since received over 2.5 million plays on Spotify in addition to being picked up by stores such as Starbucks, Gap, Banana Republic, etc. The group has performed around the East Coast opening for acts such as Dawes, The Lone Bellow, Colony House, Dave Barnes, and many more. In 2018, the band has just released their first music video for the new single "Fading", as well as their first headline tour across the east coast. Vacation Manor believes this is just the start of their musical endeavors together, and is currently working on their next body of music, and playing shows all around the US. Catch Vacation Manor on their Winter Tour: